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‘Celebration Songs’

is a business that specialize in beautiful folk singing and/or classical song for special occasions; – like weddings, blessings, christenings, name ceremonies, memorials and funerals.

I am the director of  ‘Celebration Songs’ and my name is Marianne  Lihannah. I am originally from Denmark, but I have lived in the south west of the UK since 1993. I am  also the main singer and has studied singing with Michael Deason-Barrow (The Musical Director of Tonalis and award winning baritone from the Royal College of Music) for many years now.

I wanted to create a possibility for people who particularly wanted something else than pop music for a special day, – be it a wedding or a funeral for a loved one. I hope to be able to record many more songs than the ones I have recorded presently. -In this way people can hear a real alternative of music that is perfectly suited for churches and for more intimate  funeral gatherings or wedding ceremonies.

A well-chosen song, sung well, has the power to move people in such a way that they will remember the special day for many years to come.

You can hear a small selection here  www.youtube.com/celebrationsongs

I have created large repertoire lists on my website  www.celebrationsongs.net  and included lots of notes and information about the songs to make it easier for you to make a good choice. You can also ring or write to me, should you require any guidance. Every celebration is equally important to me, so I will always do my outmost to give you a quality service and beautiful singing.

Do let me know about special celebrations you have experienced, – where the music helped to make it a memorable occasion. I would love to hear what the special occasion was and what music it was?

I am always looking to extend my already wide repertoire, -so any stories you can write to me are most welcome.

Well that is enough for today, – I am still  only getting to know how this blog works.

x Marianne x


About sicanta

I am a full time singer, singing teacher and Musicianship teacher with a diploma from Trinity College London in singing and music performance. I have my own private singing teaching practice and a business called Si Canta - Celebration songs offering singing for weddings, funerals and christenings. I hope to hear from you about singing and music that helped to make your special day unique. I am also a trained Tonalis teacher who teaches on Tonalis' singing trainings and courses
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